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Our services


FUE Hair Transplant In Pakistan
FUE is a relatively new procedure in Pakistan. We are the pioneers in developing this procedure about a decade ago in the United States. In this procedure individual groups of hair or follicular units are extracted with specialized equipment from the back of the head and then planted on the frontal bald or balding area, giving you the natural look without having to go through an extensive surgery.


FUT or strip method
FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant is still considered to be the “Gold Standard” and the most popular time tested technique for hair transplant surgery. FUT is usually performed using the “Strip Method”. In strip method, a strip of skin with hair is gently removed from the back of the head (scalp) and then individual groups of hair known as ‘Follicular Units’ containing 1-4 hair in each unit...


Body Hair Transplant
Body Hair Transplant is generally reserved for those who have very little or no donor supply of hair follicles left on the back of the scalp to produce a satisfying result. In ‘Body hair transplant, hair are transferred from the body to the scalp’s bald area. We are one of the very few centers in the world Alhamdulillah, with utmost competence in this sophisticated procedure.