Hair Transplant in Pakistan is the Best Choice for Treating Baldness

Having a bald head at a young age has become increasingly common - thanks to our stressful lifestyle, improper food habits and of course our genes or inheritance. Some people try to do home remedies for growing hair and others want instant solution in the form of FUE Hair Transplant in Pakistan. In hair transplant surgery, follicles of the hair (hair with their roots) are extracted from the back of the head (donor area) where they are in normal numbers and then are transplanted into the frontal balding or bald scalp (the recipient area).

Though the process is somewhat expensive and time consuming, it is the only perfect solution for the most common type of hair loss in men known as male pattern baldness (or Alopecia Androgenetica). There are a number of clinics and private hospitals in Pakistan which are offering hair transplantation surgery and a large number of men and women of different age groups from Pakistan as well as from across the globe come to Pakistan to get the right treatment. Hair loss is caused by a number of reasons. Physical illness, mental stress, undergoing chemotherapy or allied treatments for cancer and excess of dandruff and psoriasis are some of the common causes for hair loss. Millions of people across the globe are having Hair Transplant in Pakistan since it has some of the finest centers with experienced surgeons for conducting hair transplant surgery at very affordable prices. Earlier to have a hair transplant one must have enough donor area density at the back of the scalp but now it is possible to remove hairs from one's own body and replace the follicles of hair in the scalp through improved technology called as body hair transplant.

hair transplant11In body hair transplant, hair from the patient's own body are removed and transplanted on the scalp to get rid of the bald area. In this procedure, the body's skin need not be removed surgically as it is done in the old strip method. Body hair transplant is performed using a technique called as FUE. In the follicular unit extraction (FUE) transplant method, there is no need to employ strip surgery procedure or use scalpels.

In fact there are no stitches or even scars in the area of the scalp where the new hair are transplanted or in the donor area of the body from where the hair roots are extracted. The donor area even with few thousand tin marks on the body end up having almost no scars or very minimal pin-point scars which are not very prominent to the naked eye. Due to this simplified and successful procedure, millions of people want to get FUE hair transplant in Pakistan. After the successful surgery and InshaAllah having the full growth of your transplanted hair you need not wear hats to cover the baldness. This latest FUE procedure of transplantation has almost no side effect such as a long linear scar or pain as seen in the older strip method. However, it takes much longer for the surgery to complete since each follicle is to be dealt with independently for removal and then for transplant. The surgeon you choose should be an expert in this type of surgery and that is why you are charged considerable more for FUE technique as compared to the older strip method. The entire process is meticulous and needs expertise and experience of the surgeon. You can log on to various websites to find whether Hair Transplant in Pakistan is the right choice for you or not.

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