Body Hair Transplant

Most of the patients who seek hair transplant in Pakistan, have reasonable number of hair follicles present in the donor area on the back of the scalp (head). What it means is that they have dense or thick hair (also known as hair follicles), and the laxity of the skin in the donor area on the back of the scalp is such that we can take out a 1-2 cm wide and 20-30 cm long strip of skin containing hair and still be able to close the gap without causing too much stretch on the skin. In many patients this is not possible due to the lack of enough hair present per square cm or per square inch – meaning that the strip taken with maximum width can not give enough hair follicles to give maximum coverage to bald area. In such situations, body hair transplant in Pakistan can come in very handy. In this method, body hair are gently removed, one hair follicle at a time in more or less the exact same way, we perform FUE or follicular Unit Extraction on the back of the scalp.

It is a common observation that most bald men have baldness on the head but have pretty thick body hair due to the effects of testosterone hormone. While the body hair are usually undesirable for the patient, these body hairs can be a great source for donor hair to be used in hair transplant.

How is body hair transplant performed?
After obtaining a written informed consent and the pre-operative pictures, a part of the body including chest, shoulders or back and even thighs, are used as a donor area. Since these areas are large, a special method is used to numb these areas to make the body hair transplant completely painless. Using special extremely small cookie cutter looking instruments knows as “punches”, the thick hairs are removed, one group (i.e., follicular unit) or even one hair at a time. It is indeed a very tedious procedure and requires a lot of patience, skill and the experience of a good hair transplant surgeon. Once these grafts are removed and collected in a specialized solution to preserve them from getting damaged, small slits or holes are made in the frontal scalp (head) i.e., the recipient area. This is called as recipient area as it is to receive the new hairs. The process can take about 8-12 hours to complete and in many instances the surgery can be divided over two days, to keep the patient comfortable.