Follicular Unit Transplant

In FUT (follicular Unit Transplant) or strip method, a strip is taken out from the back of the scalp (head) containing normal looking and healthy hair. As you must have noticed that even in the completely bald men and many women with thin hair on the top, sides and back if the scalp (head) is spared and will still have reasonably dense hair. This is due to the fact that hair in this area are resistant to the bad effects of testosterone (a hormone abundantly present in males) whereas the hair on the top and front are target of this hormone causing hair loss. Since the healthy hairs are taken from the safe portion on the back and thus the area is called as the donor area. From the donor area a 1-2 cm wide and 20-30 cm long strip of skin containing hair is gently removed in a way that the gap should still be able to be closed without causing too much stretch on the skin. The strip taken out from the back of the scalp is then cut into thin pieces, exactly the way a bread is cut into bread loafs. These bread loaf looking skin pieces containing hair are called as “slivers”. Each of these slivers is then further divided into smaller pieces according to the group of hair tightly knit together in nature, called as follicular groups or commonly known as “follicular units” or FUs. These follicular units may contain anywhere between 1-4 hair in each group. In the normal skin, nature has created the hair in the exact same manner i.e., hair are present in the form of groups where each group can contain anywhere between 1-4 hair. Mimicking this law of nature can produce incredibly natural looking hair transplant results – and that is what differentiates us apart from common hair transplant clinics present in every nook and corner in most of the bigger cities in Pakistan providing sub-par hair transplant in Pakistan at extremely low rates. Lower cost does not have to be a compromise – and thus we ensure that patient gets the best bang for the buck by getting the maximum number of hair at the most reasonable cost at our world class facility in the heart of Lahore, Pakistan. The hair transplant in Pakistan can cost anywhere between Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 400,000. The question as to why there is so much variation in the cost – well it depends on many factors. The cost depends on two major factors – the skill & the qualification of the surgeon and the type of technique used to perform the hair transplant surgery in Pakistan. And last but not the least is the quality and standard of sterilization and finally the experience of the whole supportive staff involved in your surgery.