Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant in Pakistan

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The strip harvesting technique entails taking a strip of about 1.5 to 2.0 cm wide and 20-25 cm long from the back of the head of the patient. This area is called as donor area. After harvesting the naturally occurring groups of hair (usually 2-3 hair per groups) called as follicular units from this strip. With this method the follicular units are kept intact in their genetic original form and meticulous care is taken to avoid injury to the hair follicles. Some follicular units contain only single hair but other follicular units may contain up to 5 hairs, the general being 3 hairs per follicular unit.

These follicular units are then dissected with great attention under microscopes or magnifying glasses using LED lights to avoid the bad effect of heat to the follicles. These follicular units are well-kept in a special solution on specific temperature till the doctor prepares the recipient sites on the patient's recipient site (on the front of the head - where hair are required). The grafts are then placed with great care in the tiny nicks created with very fine blades. This step is called as placing and is done with extremely fine forceps to avoid trauma to delicate hair follicles.

There are lots of intricacies that play pivotal role to create the most natural results. The most important is experience and the know-how of the surgical team active in the Hair Transplant in Pakistan. A skilled team can deliver a state-of-the-art hair transplant following strict quality control measures during every phase of the procedure.

There are a great number of key fundamentals required to attain a reasonable result. The most significant in these key components are the following:

Proper donor extraction and harvesting

"           Right follicular unit dissection

"           Right graft hydration and storage

"           Recipient site creation using appropriate angulation, direction and arrangement

"           Natural hairline design

"           Careful positioning of grafts using the proper technique to avoid damage

"           Proper post-surgery care

The dissection of the grafts is of paramount importance for the end result. The strip is first dissected in slivers, and then the slivers are dissected into follicular units or grafts. This method of dissection in the hands of the well-trained team ensures no wastage of grafts and also makes placing easier without the anxiety of graft damage. It is only one aspect that ensures higher percentage of growth.

There are lots of techniques available for Hair Transplant in Pakistan including strip, micro grafts and FUE to name a few. Some of the finest surgeons with foreign qualifications from some of the best institutions in the world are available to perform hair transplant in Pakistan. Strip method of Hair transplant in Pakistan has higher success rate compared with other techniques for hair transplant. Prior to any hair transplant in Pakistan doctors first provide patients with all the necessary information to choose the best technique in his/her individual case. A thorough history of any allergy to synthetic material, allergic to local anesthesia, diseases of immunity, ongoing scalp infection or any disease of metabolic system are investigated before surgery. Despite of all kinds of things loss of hair community people finding and taking Due to these precautions, quality of the surgeons and well equipped surgical theatres many clinics get raving reviews for hair transplant in Pakistan.